Piña Time

Davidson has spring break a little bit earlier than most other colleges, and going to the Dominican Republic was such a nice escape from the February chill! We spent time in Jarabacoa working on Pico Escondido Young Life camp, experinced a Dominican church service (in Spanish!!), climbed rocks and hiked up a creek to a stunning waterfall, and ate way too many meals of rice and beans. The community I have been blessed with at Davidson never ceases to amaze me, and it was so fun to spend a week serving with the most fun people I know.

Each morning before breakfast, we were given 45 minutes of quiet time. Watching the sunrise over the surrounding mountains was so uniquely beautiful each day.

This is the lodge where we slept, had club, and learned to dance Merengue!

boy band?

Love the sunflare that made it in so many of the pictures!

There is a lizard on the tree… they were everywhere!

All the different buildings in town had such fun textures and colors. I could’ve easily spent forever walking around town with my camera.

After lots of delays, a cancelled flight, an extra night in a resort, and some unexpected beach play time, we made it back safely, but I am so ready to fly back to the land of 3 o’clock pineapple snacks, speaking spanish, and tropical weather!

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Alice is a senior art major and got to show off all of her colorful, Africa-inspired work in her very own exhibition! Her personality and passion are so obvious in her artwork, and it was cool to see how completely humble she was even at her own art show!

I snuck into Alice’s studio for the next few:

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toes in the sand.

I’ve been in the Caribbean with my family for the past nine days, and took approximately 4 billion pictures. Spending Christmas in warm weather was perfect, because I’m a summer girl through and through! Here are some of my favorite pictures…

ps- you can click on the pictures to see the actual size (you should especially look at the last one big… the colors are ahh-mazing)

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